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Puesto Santa Clara

Minimum of 12 people for Group Dining

2752 Augustine Dr,
Santa Clara, CA

(408) 333-9750

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At Puesto Santa Clara, we have a variety of spaces to accommodate anything from an intimate dinner gathering to a family-style fiesta to a lively reception with tray-passed tacos and margaritas for up to 500 of your closest friends. 

Puesto Santa Clara has three patios and various semi-private indoor spaces, which can be filled independently or combined to accommodate any number of partygoers.

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  • lady bird picture

    Lady Bird

    Capacity: Seated 100 | Standing 150

  • Plantas Patio picture

    Plantas Patio

    Capacity: Seated 36 | Standing 60

  • Puesto Lounge picture

    Puesto Lounge

    Capacity: Seated 40 | Standing 60

  • Cool Corner picture

    Cool Corner

    Capacity: Seated 10 | Standing 20

  • Patio Grande picture

    Patio Grande

    Capacity: Seated 50 | Standing 70

  • Puesto Bar picture

    Puesto Bar

    Capacity: Seated N/A | Standing 80

  • Full Buy Out picture

    Full Buy-Out

    Capacity: Seated 300 | Standing 500