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Puesto Collaborates with Foodbeast for Benefit Taco

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There’s a saying about people in the food community. We were sipping mezcal when we heard that saying, so we can’t repeat it exactly. But we are a community of food lovers, and we have each other’s backs. When Foodbeast suggested that we collaborate on a taco, and give a portion of the proceeds to a charity, the answer was a resounding “Yes,” and we immediately suggested Golden Rule Charity as the beneficiary.

If you don’t know, Golden Rule Charity is the charity that has OUR backs. Well, not us specifically, but the incredible employees who work countless hours at restaurants throughout Southern California. They award grants to service industry workers who find themselves in need of emergency funds to cover medical expenses, shelter, food, and/or transportation. They also know that even the little things become overwhelming, and have been known to provide a prom dress, cub scout uniform, and even Thanksgiving dinner by administering their joyful grants.

Now let’s talk taco. Foodbeast and Chef Katy Smith got together and created this Panela En Verde taco. It’s another way for us to show you our cheesy taco love. The panela cheese is grilled on our plancha till the sides get brown and it develops lots of extra flavors. We add the salsa verde right on top and continue to cook it to let the salsa add dimension to the cheese. It’s then moved onto a fresh hand pressed, blue corn tortilla and topped with sliced kumquats and red frill mustard greens. Every time you order this taco, for the entire month of March, we will donate $1 to the folks at Golden Rule Charity. Now go ahead, eat a bunch of cheesy tacos with your friends, and then say you did it all for charity!

Reservations are available here, and we love walk-in guests. To learn more about them, check out the Golden Rule Charity on the web, Facebook, and Instagram.

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